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Pushkar Camel Fair 2016

Tour Duration : 08 to 15th November 2016

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Pushkar Fair 2016

Date:                08 – 15th November 2016

The Pushkar Fair is divided into two parts - Cattle Fair & Religious Fair. The total Fair duration is 8 nights 9 days. This year, the Cattle Fair would start from 08th November till 11th November 2016. The second part, which is Religious Fair when the people take holy bath in the lake, would be from 12th November till the full moon of Kartik Purnima, 15th November 2016. As such, the Fair dates are from 08th November to 15th November’2016 of which the first four days would be for animal trading and second half, i.e. five days for the Religious Fair.


Some Interesting Facts About the Pushkar Camel Fair


  • Population of Pushkar:                                                       14,000
  • Population during the Pushkar Fair:                                2,00,000
  • Average number of Camels during the Fair                  10,000
  • Average number of other Livestock during the Fair     25,000
  • Livestock during the Fair                                                  Camels, Cattle, goats,Buffalo, bullocks, horses


  • Camel and Livestock Trading takes place all during the day and into the early evening, in the desert regions just outside of the village of Pushkar, easily accessible by foot from city centre hotels.


  • The Indian Marwari Horse is a unique breed indigenous to the Thar desert, and is enjoying a rebirth; As you visit the area, you will see many of these beautiful Marwaris along with their breeders and trainers. You may also wish to visit the Pushkar Mela during the Marwari Races and Exhibitions.


  • Mela Festivities and Schedule/Programme, as designed by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan. Festivities are located in the Mela Grounds, and officially start on 08th  November, and end on 15th November 2016.


  • Things to See and Do in Pushkar and surrounding area:

                        Brahma Temple

                        Walk Around the Lake

                        Savitri Temple


  • Shopping in Pushkar:

Major shopping areas in Pushkar are Sarafa Bazar, Bada Bazar and Kedalganj Bazaar

(Batteries, Book Shops, Film, Souvenirs, clothing, Rajasthani embroidered textiles, Pharmacies, Camel and Horse Track, and much much more!)


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